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Eight themes are commended to the Body of Christ globally for prayer, taken from the life and ministry of Jesus Christ: 

BIRTH:  that God would repeat through His people, works of revelation. 

BAPTISM:  that God would reactivate Christ's public mission by igniting new evangelistic activity throughout the church.  

TEMPTATION:  that God would revitalize Christ's victory over Satan, multiplying our triumphs over the powers of satan wherever the gospel goes. 

TRANSFIGURATION:  that God would empower a fresh manifestation of the Holy Spirit upon His people that gives them eyes to see and minds to understand the will of God.

CRUCIFIXION:  that God would cause the church to reaffirm the good news of the finished work of Christ crucified.   

RESURRECTION: that God would reestablish the basis of our hope, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which destroyed the last enemy - death, freeing us from the fear of death.

ASCENSION: that God would fulfil the ministry of Jesus within His church and over all rule, authority, power and dominion.

RETURN: that God would reawaken the great reality of Christ's return, making us ready to do whatever it takes to complete the Great Commission and bring back the King. 
This prayer example will help you get started:

Father in Heaven, teach me how to pray.  Teach me the truth in all things .  
I want to learn from You, not man. 

Father give me discernment so I can know what is of You and what isn't. And help me to learn your will for my life, that I may become part of your Church - THE BODY OF CHRIST - to do your work here on earth. 

Transform me Father so I can become more like you.  I want to serve You and only You.

Thank you Father
True Prayer
True Gospel