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In our dissertation on Prayer Misunderstood leading to an understanding of True and Complete Prayer, it was made clear that we frequently participate in "praying amiss". With that in mind, make no mistake about it: IF WE PRAY AMISS, WE ARE CERTAIN TO PERFORM AMISS. If we contemplate a lie, we will consummate a lie. So, let's proceed to get a true understanding of GOSPEL. ( Note: If you have not studied our work on prayer, it would be advisable to do so at this point, prior to proceeding ). 

GOSPEL is the translation of the Greek word "evangelion" (ev or eu meaning "good" and angelion meaning "message"). Sometimes evangelion is translated "Good News". There is no discernable reason why one or the other translation is used but, regardless, if you read either gospel or good news they are the same thing. We should first correct a common misunderstanding. THE GOSPEL IS NOT THE BIBLE 
! ! ! . . . The Bible CONTAINS the Gospel but it is not synonymous with it.  Having corrected this error, let us move on to a fuller appreciation of the Gospel. 
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