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Welcome to Prayeramid.Org where we invite everyone from everywhere in the world to become a true prayer partner to spread the true gospel to the nations of the world.  Just set aside a few minutes a day to be joined together in prayer and service.  (see Prayer Page)

Our invitation is extended to every man, woman & child in every walk of life and profession, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, color, creed, religion, politics, disability or national origin to learn to pray and work effectively.

Prayeramid.Org is dedicated to build, unite and lift up the Church - To include every home, street, block, neighbourhood, village/town /city, school, workplace, business, district/state/province, government, country/nation/kingdom of the world.  Our single object is to offer God the services of all who respond to this call.

There are two indestructable pillars on which God, in His wisdom, has chosen to relate to man: PRAYER AND GOSPEL. While these cannot be destroyed, they can, unfortunately, be perverted. Both pillars have at their foundation - ACTION. Prayer is the 
"contemplation of action" while Gospel is the "consummation of action". It is clear that any sane mind contemplates prior to consummating. This is what separates men from animals. Wise men act out of contemplation, fools and animals out of instinct. Always remember this adage: PRAYER PRECEDES PERFORMANCE 
! ! ! The close link between Prayer and Gospel and their correct order is depicted on the pages of our website. Be reminded every time you log on. Prayer must go to all nations prior to the Gospel going to all nations. That is why our initial goal is to build towards 1,000,000 Prayer Partners to pray for the nations. Jesus quoted Isaiah, the prophet, ". . . my house will be called a house of prayer for ALL NATIONS" (Isa. 56: 7). Similarly, referring to a time of the end Jesus said: "This Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to ALL NATIONS, and then the end will come" (Mt. 24: 14). It is our inspired belief that NEITHER TRUE PRAYER NOR TRUE GOSPEL HAS YET GONE TO THE NATIONS That is why the church is so weak ! ! !  That is why there is so much sickness and pain ! ! ! That is why Christ has not returned in power ! ! !

Prayeramid.org is heading for one million prayer partners to help build God's church worldwide.  Want to take part?  
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PreachTrue Gospel
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We could see the Great Commission completed in our lifetime!  This could be the generation to witness it.
United in Prayer    United in Love